20. 7 Interesting Guerilla Marketing Tricks for Startups On Limited Budgets

Published on Jan 24th 2021 by Admin
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The term "guerilla marketing" stems from the word guerilla, an undisciplined army warring with a bigger, organized one. In the corporate world, it refers to small businesses competing against rival firms with huge budgets. The tactics used by those businesses is known as Guerilla Marketing - the goal is to reach the maximum number of people with minimum expenses.  


Startups generally do not possess large budgets, so Guerilla Marketing tactics are beneficial for such businesses. Here are seven Guerilla tactics for startups on limited funds!



1.  Street Marketing

Street marketing uses unorthodox methods of advertising tactics to increase the brand awareness of a particular business. While you usually expect it to include billboard ads or posters, street marketing may also include low-budget methods like Graffiti and Chalk Arts. Contrary to popular belief, many are likely to be attracted to such art, and the more they linger, the more your brand will generate awareness.


2.  Business Cards 

Sometimes, a business card is the first impression you make. Since you're going to have the cards printed anyway, why not make them more attractive? This doesn't only mean choosing attention-grabbing fonts or colors. Unconventional business cards are more likely to engage your potential customers and get them interested in your business. 


3.  Posters 

As a startup, there's a high probability you can't afford to display your brand on a billboard. Instead, posters and stickers can be instrumental - as a starting business, at least. Not only are the costs going to be covered within your budget, but you'll reach a large audience as well!


4.  Update regularly on social media 

Considering the rise of the digital age, it's no surprise that social media marketing is on the list. Regularly engaging with your platform can help you build a loyal customer base, with barely any extra costs incurred! Besides marketing, you can promote your website, get your customers' feedback and create a meaningful relationship they'll remember. 


5.  Viral Marketing

Word of mouth is perhaps the most vital free asset you have in your arsenal of marketing strategies. Viral marketing involves exactly that - your campaign should be creative enough to make people want to press the 'share' button. Although there's no guarantee of success, it's worth a shot. 


6.  Cultivate public opinion 

Nothing moves a crowd more than the knowledge that you're working for the betterment of society. Whether it's a percentage of profits to local charities or contributing towards promoting causes the public feels strongly about, the important thing is to get on the crowd's right side. However, it's essential to make sure it doesn't seem like you have an ulterior motive!


7.  Flash Mobs 

Although risky in a pandemic, flash mobs are effective in drawing customer attention to you. Flash mobs involve a group of people to come together in public and perform for passersby. There's no need to hire professional performers - your local high school or college students are good enough!



Guerilla Marketing can be particularly effective for startups when budgets are low. However, as with all marketing strategies, there exists a certain level of risk as well. It is important to research your targeted area and see what fits best!