9 Amazing LinkedIn Tips for Startups Looking to Grow Their Network

Published on Jan 24th 2021 by Admin
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The shift to digital marketing has given rise to many social media platforms. Despite the variety of media to choose from, perhaps LinkedIn is the most suitable from a business standpoint. LinkedIn is a professional network that can create brand awareness about your business and build meaningful relationships with potential customers.


The question is, how exactly can it help your business grow? Here are 9 LinkedIn tips for startups looking to expand their network.



Optimizing your profile

Your profile is the first impression customers will get about your business. Although it seems like a minor aspect to fuss about, it’s undoubtedly worth tackling. Users will search with specific keywords to reach your profile page. Make sure the profile has all the necessary information and keywords to attract more users.


Regular posting schedule

Whether it’s daily, every other day, or specific days a week, make sure you post regularly. Regular posting will keep you in customers’ feeds. The more you appear in the feed, the more likely users will interact with your posts and bring attention to your page.


Joining groups

As a startup, it’s hard to grow in an established market. By joining groups and participating often, you can directly connect with your target market, along with your competitors. Try looking for new groups every few weeks. Ask questions, comment on others’ posts - engagement is the first step for growth.


Promote beyond LinkedIn

No one platform is going to increase your business’ growth. It’s crucial to bring together all your digital platforms to make an impression on your audience. LinkedIn gives its users the option to link your company page to your website, as well as other social media.


Building connections

The purpose of using LinkedIn as a platform to promote your business is to make connections. Connect with groups, along with other users. As a startup, making personal, meaningful connections is how your business will start its growth.


Don’t over-promote

Rather than focusing on marketing your business as much as you can, shift your attention to networking instead. Use groups for their original purpose: to connect. You should keep your promotional strategies to your Company Page. 


Get endorsements 

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to share your customer reviews about your business. As a startup, you may not get many endorsements. To get your share of recommendations, you need to endorse others first. 


Find other small business owners

LinkedIn’s search bar saves a lot of hassle when looking to build connections. Search for specific keywords related to small businesses, and start talking to them! As a startup, there’s a high probability you’ll learn a lot from others in the same boat as you.


Share a variety of content 

In an era of instant gratification, not many people are willing to sit down and read long posts. Make sure your posts are a mix of written and visual content. Visual content is more likely to stand out on users’ feeds and attract more customers to your company page!