9 Copywriting Tricks to Help New Businesses Improve Conversions On The Homepage

Published on Jan 24th 2021 by Admin
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Why do conversions matter?

Conversions include all those activities that users engage in based on your recommendations. Purchasing, subscribing to the newsletter, contacting you directly - all these actions - and more - are called conversions.


It is common knowledge that conversions are beneficial for your website. They can improve the probability of higher revenue and give you sufficient returns for your advertising campaigns. The higher the conversions, the more reliable your website seems


How to improve conversions through copywriting

There are several ways you can improve conversions, but perhaps the easiest is through copywriting. Here are nine copywriting tips you can take advantage of to improve conversions on your page!


Know your target audience

The most vital thing to keep in mind is your target audience. Define this audience in clear terms. Who are they, and what kind of products or services are they expecting from you? Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can easily cater your content to fulfil their needs, and attract more potential customers.


Create an engaging headline

The first thing users will notice when they click on your website is the headlines. This is your chance to make a memorable first impression - make the headline easily readable, creative and informative. It should stand out in the audience’s mind, and also tell them exactly what your business is about.


Use an upbeat writing style

Copywriting involves holding the reader’s attention, and convincing them to come around to your recommendations. Make sure the writing is conversational and upbeat; this will let the users engage actively with your content, rather than just skim through and eventually, abandon.


Improve readability

There are several ways to go about this. Write short sentences and shorter paragraphs. Use bullet points to give overviews. Start with bold statements to create more interest. Done right, this can be a major factor in determining your conversions.


Be concise

First impressions are made in seconds; use those seconds to convince the user to stay on your website. The longer the post, the less likely people are to read it. Make sure your writing is concise and simple enough for a layman to understand


Emphasize on action

Your goal is to get users to take action - whether it’s buying, signing up, or contacting. It is important to use those very words to spur readers to action. Allow users to envision themselves using your products and services. The more action words you use, the more effective this tip will be


Keep SEO in mind

This doesn’t mean shoving all the keywords you can think of into a single piece of content. Try to naturally bring them into your writing. Think of titles that will attract your reader’s attention.


One-up your competitors

Keep an eye out for your competitors’ website. What can you offer that they do not have? Cater your website to fill the competitors’ weakness. This will convince your customers to turn to you rather than to your competitors.



This sounds like the obvious course of action. However, too many fall into the trap of not proofreading - the smallest grammar mistake can make customers have second thoughts about the reliability of your website.