Branding vs. Marketing - What’s more important?

Published on Jan 23rd 2021 by Admin
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Branding vs. Marketing has been a never-ending debate in the rapidly growing, ever-changing corporate world. To this day the debate still continues, which is why some clarification may be in order.



Branding is essentially who you are as an entrepreneur. Your brand cultivates what your customers want from you - what benefit are you giving them by providing certain products and services? Your brand determines your life in the corporate world. A strong brand can help your business cultivate its own place in the consumer’s mind in a lasting impression.


While it is a common misconception that branding only involves your logo design and name, in actuality, branding consists of much more. Branding can be broadly defined as creating and fostering a lasting connection between you and your audience. What promises are you going to keep? How are you going to deliver on them? Why should your customers keep coming back to your business?


Even as a startup, it is important to put adequate effort into establishing the brand. Without a strong brand, you may not be able to build a strong consumer base, or establish customer loyalty. You brand is what sets you apart from your competitors.



As the core of your business, branding precedes marketing. In contrast to branding, marketing involves building awareness about your brand. “How will your promise reach your audience?” is the question marketing answers.


Marketing consists of various tools and techniques you can use to deliver those promises. These techniques are designed to attract new customers to your business. Marketing involves both advertising and promotion. Strategies may range from anywhere between television and radio advertisements, or sales and discounted deals.


Branding vs. Marketing - What’s more important?

Branding is eternal for as long as your business is in the market. On the other hands, marketing strategies keep changing as long as the market does. Marketing strategies are set to accomplish small term goals. As your product or service grows and adapts the changing trends, so does marketing. Because of this, no business can truly thrive without appropriate marketing.


Marketing strategies help to capture the attention of the target audience, as well as potential customers. Branding keeps the attention on the business. Besides a lasting effect on your customers, it can also effect the passion and morale of your workforce as well.


Branding and Marketing both go hand in hand for any business. While marketing cannot be done without establishing a brand, branding cannot cultivate consumers if it cannot reach the audience. Your brand comprises your voice, message and personality. Marketing allows that voice to be carried to the audience.



While branding is the “What” of your business, marketing is the “How”. If your branding is unique and authentic in its promises, the marketing strategies will allow consumers to identify with the brand. It must also be noted that without a brand, there is no foundation for marketing to exist. Therefore, neither branding, nor marketing is more important than the other.