Easy Ways to Start A Business

Published on Jun 23rd 2020 by Admin
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Are you itching to start a business, but want an easy route in?

If so, you're in luck. It turns out that it doesn't require a world-beating idea or Elon Musk-levels of Herculean effort to get your business off the ground. Often, it is just a question of choosing something you love and building from there.

Turn Your Hobby Into A Source Of Income

Your regular day job isn't your only money-making opportunity. If you have a marketable hobby, you could use it to generate a second stream of income.

Here are some ideas:

If you play an instrument, offer lessons on evenings and weekends
Start a dance, martial arts or fitness class
Use your educational background to provide tuition
Teach art to people interested in learning how to draw better
Use your knowledge of cookery to offer online classes

The list of options here to make money fast is potentially endless.

Buy A Franchise

For many entrepreneurs, buying a franchise is the best investment that they ever make. It lets them oversee an operation but doesn't require them to build a fresh brand from scratch.

You can think of a franchise as a build-a-business kit. The original brand provides you with all the facilities, branding requirements, and processes you need to operate efficiently. Then all you need to do is distribute the products and services according to their specification. Pretty much everything else is ready to go.

This setup is ideal for entrepreneurs who want leadership and control of the management of their businesses but want to avoid investors and the tasks of constructing a new brand. Franchises help you get into the meat of doing business fast, without the delay so often associated with startups.

Become An Industry Consultant

Becoming an industry consultant is one of the easiest ways how to successfully start a business. If your career has taught you how to solve particularly tricky problems, you can share these with other firms in the sector that might be struggling.

Consultants can often generate business quickly while working independently. You present yourself as a professional who can solve common pain points and use that to drum up interest. What's more, you may be able to sell your services back to your existing contacts, including your former employer. Sometimes you can have a fully fleshed-out client list, ready to go before you even leave your current role.

Distribute Your Advice En Masse

The number of hours in the day limits how much money industry consultants can make. But if you mass-produce your advice, you can scale infinitely, taking money from each transaction.

If you have substantial knowledge about a topic, consider recording it on MP3s, CDs, DVDs, or ebooks and charging customers a fee whenever they download. This way, you can scale your income without exchanging it for more of your time.

Do What You Love

Starting a business is all about achieving financial freedom while doing something you love. If you're infectiously excited about your company, that alone can rub off on colleagues and customers, boosting your chances of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions about BuildABiz

Can I start a business if I don’t have a substantial idea?
Yes, you can! Buying a franchise is a way to start a business without having to come up with the ideas and plans for it, as these are already in place.

Can I turn my hobby into a business?
You sure can! If you create interesting things in your free time and are already getting attention for these side projects, chances are people will want to pay money for your talents.

Is it hard to become a consultant?
Not necessarily. If you have a deep knowledge of your industry and plenty of experience to back it up, then you can take the next step and become a consultant for other businesses in your neighborhood.