How to start an email newsletter without clients

Published on Jan 24th 2021 by Admin
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Email newsletters are a form of online communication that lets you send news and updates about your organization to your subscribers. To become a part of the list of recipients, users provide their emails.


Although email newsletters are not as popular as they used to be back in the day, they are still beneficial, especially for new businesses. When somebody visits your website once, they’ll likely forget about it within minutes of exiting. How can you keep users coming back to your page? This is where email newsletters come in handy.


While algorithms determine your social media reach, such is not the case with email newsletters. Here’s how to start your email newsletter without clients.


Step 1: Figure out your goals

Ask yourself why you want to start a newsletter. Increase your website’s traffic? Reach more potential customers? It is essential to keep your goal in mind - this will be the foundation for your newsletter.


Step 2: Gathering content

With a goal in mind, it’ll be easier for you to find content to fulfill that goal. When you start gathering information for your newsletter, it is crucial to search for content actively rather than waiting for the right content to fall into your hands by chance. Your sources can include your blog, social media, competitors’ websites, and much more!


Step 3: Design your template

In an era where both smartphones and laptops are so widely used, designing the template with the appropriate sizes and layouts in mind is essential. Make sure it’s compatible on all devices, so it’s visually appealing. Nobody wants to read through a mess of text and design!


Step 4: Add your content

With a template in one hand and your topic in the other, it’s time to start writing! Make sure you don’t just put in a large body of text - include pictures as well! The key is to be concise so that you can hold your potential readers’ attention. Since you don’t have clients yet, spend your sweet time crafting the perfect newsletter.


Step 5: Choose a catchy subject line

Your subject line is your first impression on the reader, so make it count! Brainstorm different subject lines before deciding on one that you think will capture the most attention. Take care not to over-do it, though!


Step 6: Test different providers and browsers

Email code differs from provider to provider - if your newsletter looks perfect in Outlook, it might look like a mess on Gmail. Test out different email providers and browsers to make sure there are no problems in this area.


Step 7: Wait for the clients to roll in

Once your email newsletter is perfected, it is time to wait for the users to subscribe to it! Over time, through trial and error, you’ll realize what you need to improve about your newsletter to make the most of the exposure it bring you!