How to train employees and get them excited about work

Published on Jan 24th 2021 by Admin
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Whether you’re a new business or a corporate giant, it’s unlikely that you can afford to replace employees time and again. Research shows that 20%-50% of employees leave their jobs within a month and a half. A big reason for employee turnover is lack of investment in training or employee engagement.


Engaged employees are more productive and efficient in their work. The more satisfied they are the better customer service they will provide. Most importantly, it’ll save you the cost of always having to hire new employees.


How can you train employees effectively to get them motivated about work?


Let employees have a say

Many employees tend to leave their jobs because they don’t feel involved in the business. Many entrepreneurs tend to leave employees out of the loop, which creates alienation from work. Ask employees what they need -

or want - and cater their training according to what area they want to improve upon.


Not only will this lead to higher employee satisfaction, but they might give you ideas and suggestions you never thought of!



Especially at a lower level, tasks tend to be repetitive and monotonous. Take training to provide them with challenging tasks - this will test their skills and possibly ignite their interest in new areas of the organization.


Financial incentives

Although this may be unsuitable for new businesses, it is still a powerful incentive to get employees excited about training. However, performance might take a nosedive after the financial benefits are received, so be wary of that!


Incorporate corporate culture into training

Your employees will be unmotivated to train if their superiors aren’t doing it. Although it may take up precious time, it is essential to demonstrate your willingness and effort for employee engagement by attending training programs along with employees. Seeing you go through the same grueling work will likely motivate your employees to follow your lead.


Other incentives

Money doesn’t always motivate employees. Instead of relying solely on financial incentives, offer promotional incentives to employees who keep up their performance even after their training ends. Create programs that will help employees realize their full potential and develop a broader set of skills.


Encourage employees to provide on-the-job training

Not only will this allow you to cover the training of new employees with minimal costs, but it will serve as training for the old employees as well. By teaching the ways of the business to a newcomer, the existing employees will feel valued by the organization to be given this responsibility and will likely learn a lot about the environment themselves as well.


Try various training methods

Training does not have to be one set pattern. You can encourage your employees to attend seminars and lectures about their field of work and introduce them to industry specialists. Sending employees for off-the-job training will help them break through the monotony of being in the same environment and bring some new perspectives into the business as well!