The Do’s and Don’ts When Ordering Logos and Business Cards

Published on Sep 16th 2020 by Admin
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A business logo is more than an icon on your business cards; it’s an integral step in creating your brand identity. Your logo design serves as a visual representation of your company, a symbol of who you are and what you do, and it’s an important aspect of good business strategy. But how do you choose a good logo? And how should you use it? We’ve got some helpful tips on designing and ordering logos and business cards from the marketing experts at BuildABiz. 

Where Branding Starts: Logo Design

A logo is a mark, graphic image, or symbol that publicly identifies your brand, and whether it’s abstract, concrete, or figurative, it needs to stand out. Choose a unique, eye-catching, high-impact symbol that says something about who you are or what you do. Whether it’s clean, modern and efficient, or creative, edgy, and fun, a good logo will visually convey your brand traits in an instant. Logos effectively communicates ideas and feelings, so it's important to think carefully about design choices like colors, fonts, and images. 

Above all, keep the message simple and the design uncluttered. Pay attention to the readability of fonts, and keep them in line with your brand’s tone. (Are you more of an informal handwritten chalkboard font, or a no-nonsense sans-serif?) Finally, consider future product design projects where you can use your logo in marketing. It should remain clear and readable, whether it’s featured in full digital color, faxed in black and white, or printed on a pen. 

Does Your Business Plan Include Business Cards?

When you’re preparing a business plan, don’t forget to include business cards in your initial marketing budget. They’re a cheap advertising tool, and with your new logo design, they’re an easy way to quickly spread the word about who you are and what you do. Make sure your cards include your business’s name, current contact information, and any relevant social media or website pages. Don’t forget to keep fonts, color choices, and images consistent with your brand identity.

When it comes to printing your business cards, consider the differences in print color vs. digital color. Digital images can reproduce the full spectrum, while printers rely on CMYK, limiting the range of possible colors and affecting the final product. Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? Consider ordering business cards in a different shape or size, and don’t forget about the paper itself. An excellent, heavyweight paper can say a lot about the quality your brand offers, while a recycled paper might say more about your sustainability practices.

Implementing Your Brand into Product Design

Choosing a logo, selecting colors and fonts, and defining your brand’s voice will help build your brand identity. After that, it’s mostly a matter of keeping it consistent. Incorporate your brand’s visual symbols into tags and labels, integrate your colors into product design, and use your logo marketing materials like t-shirts. The more people see it, the more likely you are to gain new customers.

Start Building Your Brand Today!

From color schemes and font selections to the tone on social media, the marketing, and design choices you make directly contribute to building your brand. Not a design whiz? Too much on your plate managing a business? Buildabiz offers complete creative business services to make building a brand easy. Order custom logos, business cards, and other start-up marketing today.