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Even if your start-up is the next big thing, no one will ever find out about your business without the right marketing. At BuildABiz, our business marketing services provide vital resources and market pros to kick start your business through diverse marketing tactics. Learn more about this crucial piece to your business blueprint below.

Marketing Your Business

Business Marketing Services for Entrepreneurs:

For start-up businesses, the marketing approach thrives on their differentiative spirit. A well-prepared marketing plan covers all strategy aspects, from digital marketing through display ads to direct marketing through mail deliveries. Because they are emerging from nothing, start-up businesses rely heavily on marketing skills to reach their potential customers. The best marketing plans start with intensive marketing research, which influences digital and direct marketing efforts, followed by a good PR strategy. With our business marketing services, you will find the tools you need to ensure success for your start-up.

Digital Marketing

Businesses need to be in touch with your target audience through their preferred platforms. Digital marketing is all about doing just that. A key aspect of Digital Marketing is understanding how your users interact online and creating a strategic plan to target your ideal customer. Because digital marketing is relatively new, it can be challenging for newcomers to understand the analytical data that provides key information on successes and failures. From the early stages of deciding between paid, owned, or earned media approaches to the final steps of tracking conversion to lead ratios in reporting, a lot goes into digital marketing. With over 4.5 billion online users as of April 2020, Digital Marketing offers a level playing field between startups and well-established brands. Check out our beginner's guide, find a pro digital marketing expert, and ensure that your business gets heard through the use of Digital Marketing.

Direct Marketing

For entrepreneurs looking to grow their customer base, direct marketing is the bread and butter. Direct marketing tactics allow you to grow customer relations and gain a better understanding of your specific audience. Unlike mass media advertising, a direct marketing distribution method is through individual consumers. Flyers, coupons, and menus are all elements of direct marketing. To understand how you should integrate direct marketing into your overall marketing plan, find an industry expert to help you build a plan of creative business services that best fits your goals.

Market Research

Marketing research is an influential aspect of all parts of your startup. Whether you are entering the market with a first-mover advantage or are emerging into an overly saturated market, in-depth market research will guide your decisions. The best way to ensure your data excludes bias is to bring in an expert. By conducting unbiased research, entrepreneurs gain up to date data about the consumer’s wants and needs, allowing them to reposition their brand accordingly. Our marketing service beginner’s guide and pro listing are two great places to start to ensure your market research success.

Public Relations

There is something powerful about creating buzz around your company without the use of paid advertising. Simply by creating engaging, newsworthy stories about your business and putting it into the right hands, you can boost your business’s reputation. Having killer PR skills can help give hype to your brand and also run damage control when necessary. Within our library of resources, you will find online course videos about all public relations’ ins and outs. You may even consider taking advantage of our network of industry experts. Allow an outside PR specialist to assess your startup and help guide you through the PR process.

Learn More About Our Startup Business Marketing Services

1 in 5 businesses fail within the first year of launching their startup, and only 56% of those survivors will make it past the five year mark1. The truth of the matter is that marketing is not cut and dry. Marketing services include a mix of science, psychology, and art. At BuildABiz, our business marketing services are for entrepreneurs looking to beat the odds and build a successful startup. Whether you are looking for resources on marketing or looking to speak with an expert, we have the support you need. Our business marketing services are for entrepreneurs looking to beat the odds and build a successful startup.

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